THE WORLD OF SWISS POST LOGISTICS Swiss Post has some new simple services for e-commerce businesses. These services make business life more simple. And thats what we showed with 8 simple films about the simple products from the Swss Post. Made by using products from the Swiss Post. 

Website, Mailing, Print, TVC, Billboards

Agency: Leo Burnett Switzerland

Popularize Post Logistics’ customer-friendly services by persuading top-decision makers to integrate them in their e-shops. Instead of advertising the customer-friendly services directly, we incentivized decision makers to let one of four authentic target groups test their e-shop – and to watch their personal e-shop test live via webcam.

After each live test, an e-commerce consultant of Post Logistics analyzed each e-shop test live directly with the decision maker to check its potential for improvement. One thing topped each to-do-list: the integration of Post Logistics’ customer-friendly services.

16% email click rate. 30% registration quota. 90% of the test participants declared their intention to integrate the services now or in the near future.


Agency: Leo Burnett, Switzerland

E-commerce business is growing and also is the amount of parcels that the Swiss Post delivers every day. Consequently the Swiss Post has to hire more postmen. Instead of only looking for postmen by using boring classic print ads, the Swiss Post wanted to do something for the image of postmen as well. So we made a movie to show the advantages of the job, played it in different media channels connected with a microsite to hire interested parties directly. In the first 5 days we got 400 candidates. (instead of spending 1000 Swiss

Francs for one candidate by using classic job advertisements, we only spent 300 Swiss Francs for each candidate and improved the image of postmen, too.)

TV-Commercial, Website

Agency: Leo Burnett, Switzerland